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39 S Main St, Ste 310 Oberlin, OH 44074
Phone: 440-774-4079

Our Donors

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Founders’ Support

Andy Gardner, Anonymous, Mike and Natalie Goschinski, Bobby and Brooke Wesner, William and Katherine Kreager, John and Katherine Fernyak, Richard and Arline Landers Foundation, Sonny and Jennifer Bowser, Heidi and Daniel Budke, Ed and Judy Reading, Taylor Family Foundation 

Artistic Director’s Circle

Pryor Foundation, Rand and Mary Smith, Dale and Jody Thomae, Betty Perry, Susan and Phil Shafer, Robert and Janet Archer, Jim and Betsy Hire, Hire Family Foundation, Phyllis Hire, Sylvia McNair

Choreographer’s Circle

Belinda Bogner and Mark Kroger, Cyndee and Larry Snider, Judy and Loyal Bemiller, Rick and Carol Taylor, Fred and Lori Thompson, Peter Savoy and Elizabeth Hecht, Tom and Theresa Heringhaus, Michael and Carol Chambers, Kathy and Don Hilton, Mark and Karla Jenkins, Marcy and Donny Myers 

Designer’s Circle

Anonymous, Francine and Benson Pilloff, William and Shelley Vidmar, Janet Wisner, Willis and Patrecia Waldron, Joseph and Elizabeth Bocka, Timothy and Cindy Adams, Dr. Chris and Kim Boyd, Sandy and Tom Brown, Mark and Sandy Arnold, John Siegenthaler, Janet Wisner, Olive Miller, Steven Cummins, Jonathan and Linda Chambers, Richard Brokopp, Mechanics Bank, Kara Stewart, Dr. Joann Watson, Dr. Lucille Ford, Dr. Stan and Diana Brechbuhler, Dr. Doug and Jennifer Marrah, William Blair

Dancer’s Scene

Jonathan and Erin Fain, W.F. Fox Jr., Amy Heringhaus, Carol Kautz, Olive Miller, William Newdome Jr., Christine Niese, Elizabeth Pastor, David and Lori Rinehart, Richard and Christina Lee, Jane Startzman, Deborah Colace, Richard and Salli Rohm, Laurie and Chris Fike, Shauna and Steve Conzaman, Barry Friedman, Daniel and Louis Galat, Neil Sapienza, Charlie and Christina Summers, Carlos and Karen Campo, Donald and Denise Haag, James and Kristi Cutright.

Audience Member

Harold and Lucy Amsbaugh, Paul R. McCaudy, John and Terry Heringhaus, Mindy Duncan, Nusha Martynuk and Carter McAdams, John Wilde, Susie Fulton, Mary Bolin, James and Elisabeth Morando, Kristin Young, Kent and Barbara Edmonds, Gayle Martin, Becky’s School of Dance, Mary and Walt Yoder, William and Cheryl Callis, Charles and Lisa Clark, Kathleen Graff, Allen Sanford, E. Jean Quinn and Mary Quinn-Herring, Sam and Jean Kaufman, Mary Ann Calhoun, James and Joyce Curry, Diana Hostettler, Yumi Ijiri, DeMarcus Akeem Suggs, Christina Foise, Marcel and Barbara Bovet, Malinda Heiniking, Janice Smith, Anthony and Melanie Vero, Barbara Schubert, Dan and Connie Marble, Michael and Beverly Spreng, Chris and Michelle Vanderzyden, Joel Black, Charles and Karen Dhyanchand,, Matthew Rogers, Heidi Zimmerman, Michelle Varisco, Angela Kiefer, Cassandra Crowley, Vanh Sayarath, Monika Hunziker-Schane. Brian Bagatto, Erica Kuntz and Michael Romanoski


Billy Brandon, Lowell and Janice Smith, Domenico and Diane Lazzerini, Angela Goldbach, Richard and Susan Schuller, Julie Fisher Leonard, Sally Takada, Greg Rondy, Deborah Seaman, Carole McKinney, Carolyn Rorar, David Lieberth, Jason Davis, Kelsey Witte, Katie Griffin, Anonymous, Matthew N. Stanfield

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